Fun with Boys Bundle (M/M Erotica 3 Story Collection) Briony Summers Author

Fun with Boys Bundle (M/M Erotica 3 Story Collection) Briony Summers Author
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This m/m erotica bundle contains three hot stories of boys who just want to have a little fun with their friends. Gay, straight, or a little curious, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s between friends.This bundle includes:Birthday SurpriseJeremy Adams was the most handsome man in the entire state of Texas. He was also my best friend, and completely straight. But there was something in his eyes on the night of my 21st birthday. Were my fantasies from all these years about to come true? Or was I just dreaming again?Romancing the RoommateWhen Aaron found a cheap apartment with kind landlords near his college, he thought he was living the dream. That dream becomes a nightmare full of sexual frustration when he realizes just how paper-thin the wall is that separates him from his attractive roommate Josh. Almost every night he hears hushed moans and the soft clap of skin on skin, as Josh chases pleasure all on his own, and the sounds have grown far too tempting for Aaron to ignore. Will Josh accept a little help from Aaron, though?BromanceJake and Brandon have been best friends since childhood. They did everything together and were the very definition of bromance. However, when Brandon kisses Jake one night, the future of their friendship is suddenly at stake. It’s up to Jake to decide if he should ignore his hot roommate’s advances or enjoy the full benefits of what their friendship has to offer.Warning! This gay erotica bundle contains 14,000 words of guy on guy action! It is not intended for those under the age of 18!

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