Tricks Of The Triceratops Slade Hardin Author

Tricks Of The Triceratops Slade Hardin Author
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Warning: This is gay erotica and involves sexual encounters with dinosaurs. It is very explicit in sexual content and detail. Please use discretion when enjoying.The U of D nerds, Ben, Ken, and Jerry, along with their fellow collegiates, have been sent back into prehistoric times by a freak lightning storm, while on their trip to Stonehenge. The three nerds (all who have been on a workout regimen so they don’t look so much like nerds), decide to separate from the group and strike out on their own. While on their adventure, they decide to play a very hot sexual variation of Dungeons and Dragons when they stop by a stream to rest. After satisfying each other, in a variety of ways, they realize they have had a voyeur: a very horny triceratops that has its own ideas of what “Horny” really means in . . . Tricks of The Triceratops.