100 Shades of Erotica 100 Erotic Stories Ross Barnes Author

100 Shades of Erotica 100 Erotic Stories Ross Barnes Author
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OVER 1,000 PAGES OF EROTICA!!!100 Shades of Erotica100 Erotic StoriesEnjoy this MASSIVE 100-eBook, 365.000 word collection of erotic stories which we are sure will entertain you for hours on end.1. Discrete Indiscretions2. The Three Timer3. The Asshole4. Sex And Pride5. Sexually Fortified6. Seven Days In Sexual Limbo7. Iron And Love8. Gun Point Romance9. Beautiful Compromise10. Sexual Apprehension11. Strange Pleasure12. Rings Of Majesty13. Promised In The Dark14. Not Again15. Mummy’s Groom16. Just For Fun17. Finally There18. Desperate Woman19. Desperate Thirst For Sex20. Bad Girl Gone Good21. Troubled Romance22. The Horny Groom23. Stupidly Innocent24. Sex Cycle25. Savage Sex26. Once Upon A Broken Heart27. Love Fighter28. Forever And A Day More29. Fair Trade Sex30. Clinical Desires31. Sex With My Enemy32. Sex And My Man33. Sex Accident34. Kingdom Sex35. It Hurts When I’m Fucking36. Irreplaceable Lover37. Hex Me Sex Me38. Fucking Around39. Crazy Lovely Sex40. Birds Of A Feather41. True Love42. Sex And Two Brides43. Sex And Hallucinations44. Secretive Spouse45. Most Wanted46. Jet Set Love47. Impeded Marriage48. Heartbreak49. Bloody Bonds50. A Sex Illusion51. The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl52. The Maid53. Sexual Therapy54. Rap Stars And Sex55. Not Enough Sex56. Never Enough Sex57. Innocent Discovery58. Horny And In Tears59. Ecstasy Calls60. Adversary Flower61. Sex Under The Sahara Sun62. Sex Mania63. Sex Conspiracy64. Sex And I65. Robbed Affection66. Passion Of The Soul67. Mysterious Pajamas68. Happy End69. Dangerous Romance70. Brothel Sexylvania71. Where Broken Hearts Go72. Unbreakable Love73. The Silk Black Widow74. The Emperor’s Bride75. Sex Tonight76. My Boss And I77. Midnight Sex78. Different Worlds79. Depraved Passion80. Cold Summers81. Sexual Detention82. Sex From Beyond83. Sex And Money84. Saddened By Love85. Roland’s Tears86. Ricochetted Hallucination87. My Cougar’S House88. Lies Of The Heart89. Cursed Attraction90. A Feeling You Don’t Choose91. White Hunters92. Unlucky Lover93. Unforeseen Desire94. The Unthinkable95. Sex And The Law96. Secret Desires97. My White Whore98. Kowtow Romance99. Bachelor’s Party100. A Very Sexual ConfessionOVER 1,000 PAGES OF EROTICA!!!

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