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There is something naughty and exciting about snuggling down with a scandalous book. Be that a biography of a scandal or a steaming-hot piece of fiction. Getting transported into someone else’s life, especially their sex life, is now far more mainstream than it was. The lid is off about what can be included in a novel—letting us explore sensuality and sexuality like never before. these are the books that take us out of ourselves and learning new things that could possibly spice up our own sex lives.

Research indicates more women than men enjoy sexual novels. That women prefer a story and written words to visual pornography. As a group of ladies, the scandalous books to read we recommend, are of particular interest to women.  These are the books that take us into storylines that are out of our comfort zones. Books that challenge, excite and fascinate us.

Erotica Vs Pornographic

Some would argue the genres of the books are pornographic. For our scandalicious book reviews, we focus on the written word that seeks to arouse through the reader’s imagination. Women primarily write the books we review for other women to enjoy. Porn, on the other hand, we perceive as a predominantly male-orientated affair—immediate, visual, and rather unimaginative!

We have to be honest, some of the subject matter, like the ‘bullying’ genre, that is becoming popular, has caused some interesting debates with our reviewers. It all boils down in the end to how sensitively the author writes. The books we review are permission for women to step out of their comfort zone. There they can safely discover aspects of sex they might not want to perform but can experience vicariously through the books.

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Reverse Harem Novels

We have the Japanese Otome games and Anime to thank for the name of this genre. Harems have long been popular, as are reverse harems in Anime like Libra of Nil Admirari. The genre has continued to grow with many sub-genres and tropes being identified; some loved, some hated.

The basic premise of the reverse harem is about romance but with one lady and multiple lovers. The tropes continue to splinter as more and more readers and authors come on board with the genre. Plus, of course, the publishers are taking note of what is popular. Tropes can be one or a combination and can include the paranormal and fantasy elements; we can find HEA, bullying, more graphic sexual encounters, including BDSM and male on male.

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Bully Romances

First off, Scandilious Book Reviews need to say bullying is not acceptable in any form in real life. But, this genre has created quite a following in this part of the literary world. Our ‘bully’ in novels becomes the anti-hero, often damaged, angry and wanting to hurt others as much as they hurt. The heroine can have a bit of a ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude or is passive and submissive. With both, the story focus is the redemption of the bully.

Authors can have a great time with this genre, and at scandalicious book reviews we will be keeping an eye on where they are taking this. People do love a good anti-hero who kicks-ass, doesn’t give a damn. It also allows authors to create complex characters which improve storylines considerably. The stories are not new, we have always had redemption stories— where someone changes to retain the love of someone else. The thing is these are definitely significantly steamier and hotter than ever written before.