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Welcome to Scandalicious Book Reviews. This website is about adult themes, controversy and anything with a titillating bit of scandal involved. This can range from tell-it-all stories on the royal families to a person of interest in the media. They can also be works of fiction that pushes the boundaries of writing on sexuality, including the paranormal world.

Our book reviews will include steamy romance books be they non-fiction or fantasy-based, along with books on juicy scandals, dark fantasies and biographies. All our reviews will indicate what is involved in the books from language warnings to explicit sexual situations and dark humour. Another aspect we will explore is the different genres our scandalicious authors write about.

The genres our books fall into are many and quite diverse. One area that has increased in popularity in recent years is the paranormal romance world, with witches, vampires, magic and all kinds of creature. Alongside these, there is a considerable Sci-Fi selection were interracial relationships are explored. Some of the genres we will review include;

  • * Reverse Harem Books
  • * Adult High-Fantasy & Paranormal Books
  • * Dark Erotica Novels
  • * Plus, All Their Sub-genres

Scandalicious Book Reviews – Discover The Heat With Us

Our site is to share our passion for scandal. What is it about scandalous novels that attract us? They intrigue, fascinate, titillate, amuse and take us out of our own lives into lives we don’t lead. The books, we review, take us on journeys we will more than likely never go on, but they let us fantasise about what it would be like. We are a group of women, all dedicated readers of scandalous books who evolved from a book club to this online site. Here we share our passion and fascination, both for the books, the authors, the genres and of course the content!

Why Do Women Enjoy Erotic Novels?

Why Do Women Enjoy Erotic Novels?

Every generation has its own erotic fiction like Lady Chatterley’s Lover or Fear of Flying by Erica Jong. Recently Shades of Grey has caught the attention of men and women. Women are in the majority reading and enjoying these novels. Now with the anonymity of e-readers and the internet, you can read them anywhere, anytime you like. No-one knows what is happening in your imagination, do they?

Researchers are saying women are having better sex due to reading steamy romance novels. Today’s easy access to the books allows women to explore their feelings of sex and fantasy. The books are transporting, powerful—they take us to another world. The openness with which the books and their content is discussed is one thing that has changed. Now it is not done in secret but openly in book clubs and on sites like ours.

Our Scandalous Book Reviews

Our Scandalous Book Reviews

The plan is to explore not just the book’s content but its authors and its effect. Whether you liked Shades of Grey or not, it certainly opened the conversational doors, with mum and grandmas getting involved in the debates. We want to continue those conversations with our scandalicious book reviews.

Our scandalicious blog posts and reviews are for adult readers due to the sexually explicit language and the sometimes graphic sexual content and violence. Because of this, we recommend that our site is for a mature audience of 18+. We will have fun exploring ongoing collections, new and established authors and of course, the hot and steamy stories.

Short Intro To Long-Time Favourites

We will cover much more in our book review blog, but as a taster here are the individual favourite books of our review team—you know the book you can always read again and again. If you want to put pen to paper and write a sexy novel yourself, read or tips and hints on how to put a steamy romance novel together.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J R Ward

The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J R Ward

This collection goes from strength to strength. Plus in 2020 an exciting spin-off of the BDB world arrived with the publication of The Jackel. J R Ward’s novel typically features bad boy protagonists, alpha-males and feature fantasy, urban fantasy and vampires tropes. Would recommend you start reading from the beginning, with ‘Dark Lover’, the first BDB novel, to really enjoy the series.

Phèdre’s Trilogy by Jacqueline Carey

This collection of erotic books that tell a complicated story of a Phèdre nó Delaunay, that starts with Kushiel’s Dart. The book builds a complicated world in which Phèdre is indentured as a child and trained in the arts of a courtesan and spy, her love of pain with pleasure, making her a very prized commodity. This is a trilogy for those who like more than just page after page of erotica, but when the erotica is included, it fits into the storyline perfectly.

Meredith Gentry 9 Book Collection by Laurell K Hamilton

Meredith Gentry 9 Book Collection by Laurell K Hamilton

These books fall into the paranormal reverse harem genre. About a half-fae, half-mortal princess, living in the mortal world and her guards, who are also her lovers. Would love to review another in this collection for scandalicious book reviews but alas no new ones since 2014.

New Species by Laurann Dohner

Love sexy aliens or shifters? The tryout this collection, currently standing at 15 books. There need to be read in order to enjoy them to the fullest. Packed with steamy sex, men who have baggage and the women that love them. An interesting take on what pharmaceutical companies are up to!

What We Bring To The Table

Sexy, steamy novels are now mainstream, and unfortunately, along with great books, we also have to take the bad. Sometimes exceedingly bad, before you find those gems that transport you into a different life or world! Our opinions are our own, but you can use them as a measuring stick to save time selecting a good, hot and sexy read.


Reverse Harem Books
by Hemron/ on 20 Oct 2020

Reverse Harem Books

We all know what a harem is, one man, multiple female partners. Reverse harem books are the complete opposite; these steamy romance books are about one lady and the men whom she presides over. These books are often set in the paranormal genre, with vampires, werewolves shifters, wizards and even guardian angels. There is also the dark reverse harem novel that tends to move from steamy to boiling hot! These books are not for the faint-hearted, and not everyone’s cup of tea.

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