Reverse Harem Books

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by Hemron/ on 20 Oct 2020

Reverse Harem Books

We all know what a harem is, one man, multiple female partners. Reverse harem books are the complete opposite; these steamy romance books are about one lady and the men whom she presides over. These books are often set in the paranormal genre, with vampires, werewolves shifters, wizards and even guardian angels. There is also the dark reverse harem novel that tends to move from steamy to boiling hot!

These books are not for the faint-hearted, and not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you enjoy your men hunky, the sex hot and steamy, but with a story; then these are the books for you.

The Genres

Not heard of these books before? A quick look on Goodreads will offer a surprise in the different genres you will find. Contemporary, Rock, Paranormal. Erotica, and many more. Then there is the violent rather than romantic aspect that includes BDSM. Since around 2016 these books have become more and more popular and available from mainstream sellers.

These books can be found as a standalone or collections from a trilogy to 7 or more. The passion for reverse harem books has undoubtedly increased over the past few years, with blogs, book reviews and podcasts aplenty for this genre alone. Of course, some are badly written, inevitable when there is money to be made. But, there are increasingly excellent reads available with engaging story-lines and characters you will love.

Understand The Language In Reverse Harem Books

As the books have evolved so has the language that is used, here is a brief list of some of the main vocabulary you will come accross

Polyamory – the term for a reverse harem relationship

Polyandry – where a woman is married to several men

Polyfidelity – where sex is restricted to within the group

Reverse Harem Books – The Authors

There are many accomplished authors to be found in this genre, to numerous to list here—you will have to look out for the scandalous book reviews! But if you are interested in discovering this genre, then here are a few authors to consider.

Two-for-one, the collaboration of two excellent authors Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. The first of five and a half books in their ‘Curse of the Gods’ series, Trickery, introduces you to Willa Knight, a clumsy, opinionated and funny heroine and the five men who become part of her harem are rounded characters with distinct personalities. Always difficult to keep the ‘men’ from blurring into each other in these novels but Ms Eve & Washington manage very well. Another author to look out for is Kristy Cumming, the pen-name of a well-known contemporary romance writer C. M. Owens. Her four novels from The Dark Side series are well worth a look, as is her 6-novel series, ‘All The Pretty Monsters’, be prepared for dark humour and adult themes from all these ladies.