Steamy Romance Books

How Do They Add The Heat?

What makes steamy romance books move from romance to steamy? It’s the writing, of course, the inclusion of sex from several different perspectives, like steamy werewolf romance books or vampire reverse harems. What makes some of the books hit the spot and others not? That depends on the skill of the writer and how they write the romance and the ‘steam’. Having an understanding of the writing process we thought would be useful insight into how to construct sex scenes, not talking about the whole books here, just the steamy parts.

Of course, how the storyline develops has to be kept in mind, maybe it’s a slow build, a will she, won’t she suspense, or it may have a denial factor before the actual getting down and dirty.

The All-Important Characters In Steamy Romance Books

The characters in any book need to grab our attention, make us interested in what happens to them. The storyline in steamy romance books can be simple, but the characters cannot be. On paper, conflict and resolution can increase the sexual tension exponentially.

It’s not necessary to have them in a continuous argument, but some ‘pushing and shoving’ dynamic, ramps up the tension with the resolution the book’s hotspot, usually resolved minus clothes! Characters need to evolve throughout a story; the first sex scene has to be different from the subsequent ones to keep the readers’ interest.  Check out out our opinions on the various steamy scenes and how the authors handle them in our scandalicious blog.

steamy romance books - lovers

Keep It Visual

People do not want just to read character A had great sex with character B or C or D! There needs to be dialogue, it needs to be a ‘showing’, not just a ‘telling of what happened’. The readers want to be part of the story, and they can only be that if the writing unfolds the events, a play by play description on the on-going action.

The sexual activity, when it happens can be fast and furious, or slow and long-drawn-out. It can take place in any situation, remember readers don’t want they have. Therefore keeping the sex all in the bedroom is not as attention-grabbing as say in the corner of a library, a beach, or even an elevator! Places that the reader can fantasise about. Place the mood-making info into the text gradually, part of building the atmosphere. Although bear in mind it doesn’t need to sound like a home-design magazine.

steamy romance books - passionate couple

Make Your Locations Real

Setting the scene is essential; a sex scene can be anywhere, anytime. But, authors are aware readers want escapism, moonlit beaches, swaying palms, luxury penthouses with subtle lighting, expensive wines. If you do want to place it in the bedroom, make it luxurious, same with a bathroom or hot tub. Ski chalets and log fires never go out of fashion, and neither does a stable or woodshed!

Erotica writer, Anastasia Parkes, refers to writing an erotic sexual encounter as a Tango. No, not an actual dance, although it could be, that does sound interesting doesn’t it—sex at Strictly! Her suggestions are to bring the slow, slow, quick, slow of an erotic Argentinian Tango to the pages. Our scandalicious book reviews consider these points and more when we share our opinions of steamy romance books. Check out our blog for more insights and tips on writing sexy sex scenes, who knows it might be your novel we review next!