21st Century Erotica Eero Tarik Author

21st Century Erotica Eero Tarik Author
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Over the last five years more books have been banned, censored, prevented from being published or dissuaded from publishing than in all of human history that has gone before. As a generation, we are the greatest censors in human history. This eBook explores this censorship through three short stories of how erotica might look when this era of censorship has done its work.About the author - Eero Tarik has published 400 works under a variety of pen names.Reviews of some of his other works include…*****OMG! That was the very best laugh ever! I laughed until the tears fell!*****This book is a classic Sci-fi tale of sex, loneliness and the human condition that will keep you turning pages - Highly recommended!!!*****This is a very clever sci-fi short story. It takes a bored and tired bachelor and puts him in an extremely strange and comedic position and we get to watch him struggle to get out of it.*****I love the way you published this book with Cyclone Sandy hitting the USA today. If human kind doesn’t stop, then Mother Nature will stop it for you. Good work and was interesting reading especially today with all the events taking place.

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