34 Tanith Lee Author

34 Tanith Lee Author
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Tanith Lee wrote three books with the ‘help’ of mysterious collaborators – the Garbers. Esther Garber – and her half-brother, Judas Garbah – do not exist in our reality, but they came through to the author so strongly, characters with such distinct personalities and voices, they felt as if they were real. And who’s to say they’re not? The Garbers are both gay and, through them, Lee produced one novel and two story collections of Lesbian and gay erotica – but erotica with literary depth, and often laced with horror and the uncanny.34 is the novel ‘co-written’ with Esther Garber, and has been long out of print. This new edition introduces the reader to Esther’s autobiography – but how much of it is true? Are her recollections of her unusual childhood in Egypt with her sister Anna correct? And what of the mysterious gentleman, who Esther meets in France after having run away from home, who initiates her into forbidden pleasures? Is she haunted or merely manipulated? Is she in love or simply obsessed? After one night of passion, Esther pursues her elusive tormentor into what seems to be a fairy-tale version of the French countryside, to journey’s end and revelation, but also further mystery.Sensual, thought-provoking, and with an unreliable narrator, who twists and turns within her own tortured story, 34 demonstrates that haunting comes in many forms. As does desire.This edition also includes the author’s essay, on her work with Esther and Judas: ‘Meeting the Garbers’.