4-Pack of Next-Door Daddies! (Clean Version) Bud Hammer Author

4-Pack of Next-Door Daddies! (Clean Version) Bud Hammer Author
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Bud Hammer’s steamy gay erotica series of young men looking for their first hot action with hot, older, sexy neighbors. All four books, combined into one fiery boxed set!THE DADDY NEXT DOOR WAS MY FIRST!When my hot, older neighbor caught me peeping on him, walking around naked in his own home, I thought I was done for. Ours is a small town, where it’s not good for people to know you’re gay. But then he ordered me over and things got out of hand from there… Lucky me!RIDING MY ROOMMATE!My roommate, my best friend, is a real lady’s man, slaying them left and right with what he’s packing. I’m his mini-me… at least in his eyes. But I’m afraid to tell him I’m gay… And then came the night that he crashed out, naked, mere feet from me. He was too hot, too sexy… But of course, I had to resist. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t dream. All bets are off when it’s just fantasy!THE DADDY NEXT DOOR AND HIS BIG BLACK FRIEND!Never, in a million years, would I think my neighbor’s big black friend would take me. Or that my hot daddy neighbor would catch us. Or that he’d join in! But there’s a first time for everything, even when it’s your first time for anything!ALL FOR THE DADDY NEXT DOOR!After I came of age, I moved in with the sexy, older man next door, and I’ve been there, ever since. I do everything for him, and he takes care of me in the best ways… Especially with plenty of good, hot loving!