420 Erotica: 3 Short Stories Jane Emery Author

420 Erotica: 3 Short Stories Jane Emery Author
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Brand: Jane Emery
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3 Sexy Stoner Stories. It’s Been One of Those Days When your stash is missing, you know you’re having a bad day. Amy is having one of those days. You know; that kind of day that wakes you up with a slap in the face. From a hole in the coffee filter to having a flat tire, it’s just one calamity after another. All she wants to do is relax after work and enjoy a good smoke of fine cannabis. But wouldn’t you know her bad day just got worse when she discovers that her ex-boyfriend took the last of her weed. Can this 4th of July weekend get any worse or will Amy be able to end it on a HIGH Note? The Newest of Holidays: Joints, Bongs, Tits and Dongs April has been looking forward to celebrating her favorite holiday- 420. She’s planned to spend the day with her boyfriend and have some quality high time at the local festival in the park. But when last night’s drinking leads to his inevitable hangover, April is left with no other option but to attend single. See what naughty pleasures await the sexy stoner who’s passed the joint and given an opportunity to feel that higher love. Trim: A Cannabis Erotica Story It’s that time of the year when stoners get together to trim. Everyone is high and feeling groovy and that is especially true for sexy Sasha. She discovers that there are added perks to the harvest season and the young lady is about to take advantage of it. Find out what tall dark and handsome treats are in store for the horny pothead.

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