8 Erotica Stories Vol. 3 Sophie Sin Author

8 Erotica Stories Vol. 3 Sophie Sin Author
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Eight hot stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a frustrated 40 something MILF chasing after her newly 21 neighbor’s son, the story of a MILF blackmailed into a hot threesome that satisfies her completely, the story of Mandy - The Train Molester - indulging her obsession, and much more. Something for everyone within.‘8 Erotica Stories Vol. 3’ contains the following short stories:# MILF Seduces Neighbor’s Son (Seduction)40 and Frustrated. No longer attracted to her husband, the MILF searches for greener pastures and finds them in the neighbor’s son John. However, the young man has his secrets. Can the MILF please John as he wishes it? And, will she be able to hide their affair from her husband when the John seems bent on exposing her however he pleases? Find out within.# Breaking The MILF (Orgy)A darkly handsome man leans against the wall in the corner. The bald man glances at her from the bed. Standing in the entrance way to her holiday cabin, she does not know how they will change her life, but they will - Oh, Lord, how they will change it! Six young men and one MILF, who is too naive to know danger when she sees it, go all the way to heaven and beyond. Sophie Sin at her hottest.# MILF Blackmailed (Threesome)Two men meet a MILF with secrets she dares not share. Years ago she did ’things’ - kinky things. These two know what she did and have come to repeat those acts with the promise of enjoyment beyond anything she has ever imagined. Will she be unable to resist the temptation they provide or will she run from pleasure again and hide her true self from the world forever? Find out within# Train Molester: The Original Story (Obsession)Mandy has hobbies – inappropriate ones. One night on a train she is caught engaging in a little sexual teasing, the risky kind, when she meets someone even kinkier. What happens next will make your eyes pop and make you rethink what it means to be ‘pressed up close’ on a train. “Sexy, sexy, sexy. I loved it!”# Train Molester #2 (Obsession)There is only one Train Molester. Hard sex, all holes filled, black-white-whatever, she does it all. The beast is free, having escaped The Sicko and she’s on the prowl. Men, let your hearts quiver in fear. Train Molester is on the hunt and you might be her prey. This story starts hard and ends harder. There is nothing like Train Molester! Enjoy the filth, straight from Sophie Sin, erotic writer.# Train Molester #3 (Obsession)A world unknown. In the depths of Tokyo lies a club. It is a place where men enjoy women. Inside a train cab filth will be done. The Millionaire has arrived and where only Japanese are allowed, he reaps some of the sickest acts done by man on the bodies of those who are paid to be unwilling in their affections. Molestation? Go beyond. This is heaven and hell in text. As always, enjoy!# Train Molester #4 (Obsession)A train. That was all it was… or was it? Did all of that happen? It feels like waking up from a dream, or perhaps a nightmare. What we did… what I did. I will never forget my time on the Texas Trolley and neither will they. Those women, sexy-gorgeous-incredible-women. They I will remember forever for what they did and for what I did to them. This is my story. Read it!

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