A Bride for Brothers - A Novel of Erotica - Western Erotic Fiction Kimberly Loft Author

A Bride for Brothers - A Novel of Erotica - Western Erotic Fiction Kimberly Loft Author
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Torn between loyalty to her new husband and the increasing advances of his handsome older brothers, a young wife has found the cowboy of her dreams – or has she? A new life on the ranch surrounded by rugged, manly cowboys is all a bit overwhelming for eighteen-year-old Lily, a new bride. Lily loves her handsome husband but his handsome, older brothers are always there… right in the back of her mind… waiting… for an in…The sexual tension is always there… will it reach a boiling point and boil over? Can the young bride stay true to the husband she loves… or is it just a matter of time before temptation wins her over?The brothers have always been very competitive about every aspect of their lives – from getting their father’s attention to running the ranch. When an accident lays her new husband up for several weeks, his brothers are determined to take advantage of the situation and do whatever it takes – even forcing themselves on her – to break in their younger brother’s desirable, new wife! The interplay among the new bride and the young studs is exciting and intriguing as they play a sexual game of cat and mouse!Riddled with guilt, the hardest thing for young Lily to admit to herself is that she wants it to happen! Interestingly enough her new sexual experiences improve her sexual relations with her new husband!The young wife is caught up in it all – and the one person she feels she can trust is her new father-in-law, but is her trust misplaced? Will the older man try to get a piece of his son’s sexy young bride, too?Once Lily gives into temptation, how far will she go to save the family business from the ruthless land-owner Reed, who is quite the ladies man? For once, will she be the one taking advantage with her own unique seduction?What will Lily do? The story will keep you guessing until the end…***Cal slid a hand across the small of Lily’s back and took hold of her side, spanning the ridge of her panty elastic beneath her light dress. She tensed as he fingered the elastic.After a few moments, she shrugged away from Cal’s casual embrace and walked to the end of the porch. He watched her plump bottom twisting under her cotton dress. His loins ached with the wish to pull her dress up and strip down her silken panties.***Lily’s panties, a. soft puff of pink, caught his eye. He picked them off the lawn and held them up, using both hands to stretch the elastic and shake them into shape.He pressed them to his face and inhaled their intimate scent, rubbing the sleek nylon against his nose and mouth. Then he jammed the panties into a pocket of his jeans, tucked his penis in, and closed his fly.She won’t tell anybody what happened, he thought as he got up. She liked it, and in the back of her head she’s hoping it will happen again. It will! And I’ll get her next time!***A fun read for erotica, almost comical at times but never boring. This tale of a naive girl thrown into a close situation with four strong, virile men becomes less a tale of a victim and more a girl becoming a woman as she learns to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants. Unlike some erotic novels this one includes a storyline as well as lots of interesting sex and encounters. Not romance but very hot erotica. Graphic scenes may offend some readers.All characters 18 or older.Warning Explicit Content: Adults Only.