A Gay Old Time Paul Ramirez Author

A Gay Old Time Paul Ramirez Author
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Saturday night isn’t just for fighting, as three men are about to find out. When Joey drunkenly tells Tone that he’s eager for Gary to join them in bed, it soon becomes clear that Tone’s going to have to put all the hard work in. Gary is straight as far as anybody knows, but he accepts a lift home from Tone and Joey, seemingly unaware of their plot. It’s not just the car engine that’s revving… WARNING: A Gay Old Time is a 5100+ word hardcore gay erotica short story, intended for adults only. EXCERPT: It was a while before we untangled ourselves from each other, and when we finally did, Gary was sat down next to us. He’d used the time to order a fresh beer and a couple of shots for him and Joey, and was looking at us with this kind of amused look on his face. “Come up for air, have you? I was beginning to wonder if I should call it a night and get the cab home!” he quipped. He didn’t seem at all bothered about our extremely public display of affection. It was a good sign. Joey laughed at Gary’s little joke and gave me a knowing look. “No worries, Gary, I think after this we’re going to call it a night. But you could come with us two lovebirds if you want. You don’t live too far from us, right? Besides, Tone is the driver tonight, aren’t you?” “I certainly am!” I said. Gary didn’t say too much in response. He seemed to be studying us as he weighed up his options.