A Prelude To Indulgence - Women’s Erotica/Public Violation Erotica Sterling Klemm Author

A Prelude To Indulgence - Women’s Erotica/Public Violation Erotica Sterling Klemm Author
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A Prelude To Indulgence is a Women’s Erotica/Public Violation Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.A Prelude To Indulgence, a story about reconnecting with the body for a young recently divorced woman named Irma. Having married her high school sweetheart, she never ever managed to find out what was out there. After the divorce and death of her parents, she ended up in depression. One day on the bus to work, she was standing just minding her own business when a hand appeared under her skirt and began to have its way with her vagina. Shocked and blissfully enjoying the sexual attention, she begins to reconnect with the sensations that she once knew. At work her day seemed to be improving too with a proper deal and higher salary. She begins to explore her own body, something she has not done in a while, along with the stranger on the bus, until one day he stops appearing. Luckily a storm sets into motion a series of events that lead up to Irma and David, her boss who is in a similar state as her, to bond and eventually make love together.ExcerptThis was getting more and more enticing, but she had this fear of being discovered. The journey was going to be quite a long one and she began to wonder how long this torment was going to go on. Now, the hand had pried open the panties from below and was touching her raw skin exactly underneath, at the beginning of her pussy. It tickled as a faint moan escaped her lips. She had clasped the leather strap above her head and her grasp firmed up a bit tighter that the skin of her hand turned pale. She shut her eyes to relish the moment and instantly opened them when she realized that she was in a bus. The hand had become bolder and had started tickling the insides of her now-wet pussy as she let out yet another moan. Her senses had started to soar as this was an experience in itself for a timid woman like her being abused in public. The fingers were now doing a jig inside her cunt and amuse her clitoris as her breathing started to become deliberate.

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