A Succubus for Freedom M.E. Hydra Author

A Succubus for Freedom M.E. Hydra Author
Categories: Books, Dark Erotica
Brand: M.E. Hydra
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You can’t escape… You won’t want to escape… Succubi and other monstrous femme fatales abound in M. E. Hydra’s fourth collection of wild, warped and wickedly dark erotica. Lie back and enjoy as alluring sirens ensnare helpless prey in thirteen weird tales of sex and horror. A drummer’s plans to separate his mother from her boring partner go horribly awry when he asks A Succubus for Freedom. An arrogant massage parlour reviewer is taught a lesson by a creature of myth in Naga Massage Review. In Come on the Candle a student upset over a recent breakup summons a succubus during an arcane rite of cleansing. A young man discovers What Bad Boys Get For Christmas after he is abducted by some extremely naughty elves. Riding the Medusa details an unorthodox and risky form of recreation for bored soldiers stationed in an adjacent dimension. And finally, a shy man in his thirties finds his virginity and more under threat after he’s Locked in with a Succubus. You will be surprised, shocked and aroused by these and other tales of dark temptresses. They’ll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares…