About Last Night. Lauren Riley Author

About Last Night. Lauren Riley Author
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About Last Night.By Lauren Riley.USA & New York Today Best-Selling Author.A chance meeting with a gorgeous stranger called Jodie. Lee thought to himself that he had hit the jackpot. She was perfect in every way. A beautiful face with a sexy body. But, what was Jodie hiding?Word Count: 9495Page Count: 31*****Other Steamy titles available by Lauren Riley:Lost Girl Sanctuary.True Naughty Girls.True Naughty Girls: The Devil and the Angel.Bad Girl Intentions.Under Current Sensations.*****Dear Reader… STOP… WARNING!…This erotica short story ebook is intended for 18 years and above for both Men and Women. Adults Only! So Explicit and slutty that it could be taken down at any minute!… This book will fill you with unstoppable Cravings of Erotic Desire! Extremely Hot, RAW and leaves nothing to the imagination! Filled with Erotic, Passionate and Dangerous stories from Forbidden times, First times and Taboo Tales of deceit and betrayal… Lose yourself in the heat of the moment with this Arousing, Delicious collection of Steamy Romance Fiction. The tales within are Super-Hot and Guaranteed to make your panties Wet with Dirty scenes of Desire and Sex. These Shameless Tales will make you Wetter and Harder than ever before! Most of my books are a tempting, quick Sexy read that you can fit in during a lunch break or at night before you go to bed for a little Inspiration… Don’t worry your secret is safe with me… This can be our little secret affair… Explicit, tempting erotica that will suck you right in! Are you ready to fulfil your Deepest, longing Fantasies? Excellent! …Then get comfortable, relax and ‘Spread’ this book wide-open! INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD… NOW!On your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC. CLICK THAT…‘BUY NOW BUTTON’… to Instantly Receive your Brand New Book.*****Keywords: ebook, book, google play books, masturbation, sex, threesome, ffm, lust, love, forbidden, pregnant, taboo, milf, younger woman, erotica book, erotica short stories, multiple partner, cock, dick, pussy, bundle, collection, dirty, series, anthology, bisexual, lesbian, taboo, xxx, girl, teenager, fuck, hot, 18+, adults, adult, playtime, collection, double penetration, lgbt, dildo, bareback, fucking, stripper, sexy dance, lick, licking, book, books, ebook, publication, online, smut, smutty, slut, slutty, play, murder, killer, college girls, book, books, ebook, ebooks, publication, publications, google, semen, cum, ass, fuck, fucking, suck, sucking, wank, wanking, porn, tits, breasts, legs, tanned, lipstick, panties, devil, angel, good, evil, royalty, wealthy, balls, pound, pounding, hea, love, romance, lust, betrayal, forever, alpha, beta, husband, wife, mister, missus, mr, mrs, girlfriend, lover, lovers, panties, bra, brunette, blonde, evil, sluts, dirty, filthy, desire, desires, finger, fingering, g-spot, squirt, squirting, squirtage, puddle, warm juice, load, salty, swallow, dolls, innocent, innocence, kinky, virgin, bare, bareback, stolen, dark, angels, claiming, seduce, attract, seducing, attracting, persuading, things, toys, nipple, nipples, attract, pull, stripped, rules, revenge, mess, extreme, steamy, cuming, saucy, story, short story, novel, novella, mistress, neighbour, neighbour, possession, reclaiming, strawberry, cherry, lipstick, smear, tongue, twirl, honey, rider, teasing, tease, hidden, surprise, gangbang, orgy, scarlet, touched, clitoris, hood, sinful, sinfully, beauty, beautiful, kiss, perfect, fantasy, holiday, vacation, seductress, accident, accidently, shadow, fresh, freshly, romp, romping, bondage, whip, chains, chain, bound, gagged, blackmail, frolics, sweet, nurse, student, bachelor, owning, sharing, pleasure, topless, model, married, slave, watched, voyeur, money, selling, acts, act, bitch, talents, talent, exposing, genitals, pubic, exhibitionist, black ,rubbing, underwear, swimwear, baby, babes, relaxing, extra, USA Best Selling Author, USA Today, heart warming

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