Action Adventure Erotica: Smoking The Bear Portis Newman Author

Action Adventure Erotica: Smoking The Bear Portis Newman Author
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Smoking The Bear is an Action and Adventure and College Contemporary Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Rose Schilling is a prissy, well-to-do young woman who may be in over her head when she goes camping in the mountains with some college friends. All she really wanted was to prove that she could ‘rough it’ with the best of them, but when her tent is too small, she forgets the air mattress, and she brings a lace baby doll to sleep in, Rose starts to doubt herself. Her only solace on the trip is Ranger Jones – the groups chiseled and ruggedly handsome trail guide. Rose sets her sights on him and decides that, mountains or not, she’s going to bed him. But her days of flirting seem to get her nowhere, and as the trip nears its end Rose begins to get desperate. Is Ranger Jones just not interested? And will an apparently sprained ankle throw a wrench into her plans, or will it finally give her the opportunity she needs to mount this mountain man?Excerpt:She looked at her watch; it wasn’t even seven. If she remembered correctly, they had a guided hike at nine, which gave her plenty of time to indulge in a little playtime before making an appearance around the campfire. So she did.Rose covered up with the sleeping bag and worked her baby doll off. The plaid, wool lining felt enticing against her succulent skin and she let her hands maneuver where they wanted. She didn’t go right for her pussy. Rose loved foreplay, especially when she was alone. No, she moved her hands along the tops of her thighs, keeping her legs closed playfully.She closed her eyes and started to fantasize. Her hands slowly traveled along her body, lovingly caressing her supple skin. Rose burned with desire and stifled a moan when she cupped her breasts and began squeezing them.

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