Action Adventure Erotica: The Clamor Of The Mountains 2 - The Dangerous Tryst Juli Mateson Juli Mateson Author

Action Adventure Erotica: The Clamor Of The Mountains 2 - The Dangerous Tryst Juli Mateson Juli Mateson Author
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The Clamor Of The Mountains 2 – The Dangerous Tryst is an Action and Adventure Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Aganas, the village young man, is unable to forget Lucy. She haunts his waking and his sleeping hours. He can’t stop thinking about her talented hands and warm, skilled tongue. He knows that he should avoid Lucy, being with a girl from town is not only frowned upon, but forbidden. People in his village have been executed for less offense to his people. But try as he might, he just can’t stay away from her. One morning he awakens and makes himself busy. He fetched water from the river and filled all the pots. His ama (father) and ina (mother) were already sipping coffee by the stone hearth. The small village was stirring to life. A rooster crowed and sounds of clucking hens were heard in the distance. His parents remind him that he is to take Lucy on a tour of the village. He knows that this will be just another opportunity for her to try and seduce him. Will he have the strength to resist her?Excerpt:When Angaway was gone, Lucy surreptitiously pulled Aganas to one of the plant-covered corners of the yard. Aganas was already engorged even before she caressed him. He gave a stifled groan of surrender as Lucy nibbled his upper lip and ran her tongue along his neck.He was quickly aflame, trembling in excitement and desire. He could not hold his emotions any longer. He snatched her and captured her lips with his own. How sweet her kiss tasted. He sparred with her tongue as Lucy fondled him beneath her G-string and rubbed her breasts against his bare chest.Just then they heard Angaway talking to people and asking where they were. Aganas seemed crazed with lust; he no longer cared about anything else but to fuck Lucy.He pulled her hand and urged her to run, as they ran farther and farther from the babble of voices. They stopped, their breath coming in gasps as they stared at each other and laughed heartily.They were like two children who were deliriously happy because they have discovered what happiness means.The small clearing was surrounded by lush vegetation, and there were no visible trails leading to it. This was another of Aganas’ hiding places.

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