Action Adventure Erotica: The Clamor Of The Mountains 4 - Tomorrow's Rainbow Juli Mateson Author

Action Adventure Erotica: The Clamor Of The Mountains 4 - Tomorrow's Rainbow Juli Mateson Author
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The Clamor Of The Mountains 4 – Tomorrow’s Rainbow is an Action and Adventure Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Aganas the villager has pursued Lucy in hometown, and they spent delightful moments together each one more lusty and satisfying than the last. Before they can hope and plan for their future, they are interrupted and separated again because of his tradition. The villagers tell him that if he does not come back with them, they will kill Lucy. He has no choice but to go back. Aganas promised Lucy to go back for her, but could he keep his promise? Would they be reunited again? Aganas was no longer sure. His village and his family have other plans for them. He is to be married to Angaway as soon as possible. Not only that, they have to prove that the marriage is consummated. In spite of his love for Lucy, he knows what he must do. Is there any other way to get back to Lucy? Or is he doomed to a lonely life in his village?Excerpt:Aganas nodded dejectedly. They had nowhere to run. They would hunt them down no matter where they went.The man released Lucy and she slumped weakly to the ground. Aganas ran and crushed her into his arms. The men allowed him to carry Lucy as he brought her inside the house.“I’m sorry, my love. I will have to obey their wishes for now. Don’t ever forget me. I’ll come back for you,” and Aganas kissed her trembling lips as he wept as well.*****The following day in the village of Angwan, a big wedding ceremony was being prepared. Aganas and Angaway were to be wed.“I’m sorry, Aganas, I tried talking to them but they would not listen,” she whispered to him, her voice reflected her anguish.“It’s not your fault,” Aganas replied sadly.Whenever there were wedding ceremonies in the village, everyone was invited. It was a village affair of about 300 families. Sometimes, two pigs or a cow or carabao were butchered for the occasion. There were taddok (dancing), ullalim (solo singing), and salidummay (group singing).Basi, the native wine, was free flowing. Native cakes abounded, and the butchered animal was cut into small pieces and boiled in a large wok. There were no condiments added to the meat – not even salt. It was boiled in plain water until cooked, and that was it.Aganas and Angaway danced the salidsid (courtship and wedding dance) and the village folk cheered with joy as they watched another powerful union between two clans. After their dance, the pangat (head of the clan) gave his blessings and they were brought to the “padok” (the love hut) where they were supposed to make love while the festivities are still ongoing around them.It was believed that the union should be consummated on the night of the marriage so that abundant blessings would follow. A Gobi (sex doctor) would examine the woman afterwards to make sure this was accomplished, and Aganas’ father made sure he had one ready.As soon as Aganas and Angaway entered the hut, they collapsed on the floor, not knowing what to do.

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