Action and Adventure Erotica: Bounty Hunting Dakota Deece Author

Action and Adventure Erotica: Bounty Hunting Dakota Deece Author
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Bounty Hunting is an Action and Adventure Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.In an eerie deserted labyrinth of empty warehouses, burnt-out buildings, sheer drops, and death-defying walkways, two bounty hunters play a tense game of cat and mouse. Using all their professional skills and expertise, they stalk each other with stun guns, each one preying on the other. Both trying to outdo each other as they make their way through the maze. But all is not what it seems; these are not foes or enemies but lovers who take their pleasure from domination and submission, who use underhand tactics and subversive ploys to gain the upper hand and to ultimately gain the submission of the other. They’ve played this game many times; but one thing for sure, neither will give in until they have exhausted every avenue. So which one will be the victor today? Which one will get to take their ultimate pleasure? Win the ultimate prize? And how will the winner decide to take that pleasure?Excerpt:She slowly crept up the stairs, which spiralled around and up and over her head. She knew he might be waiting there, though she hoped he would have abandoned his dart gun.She quite enjoyed the pain of it all, of course. Whether supplying or receiving, there was something that she just couldn’t explain about having him spank her, or tie her up - or shoot her with a tazer to capture her. She knew it was deviant but she really didn’t care. All she wanted was the thrill of the hunt - outsmarting him, so she could dominate. If he captured her, she’d have to submit to his will.

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