Adventures at the Lake: Gay Erotica Dick Clinton Author

Adventures at the Lake: Gay Erotica Dick Clinton Author
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A guy knows how another guy likes to have it done… Accepting Roy Jordan’s invitation to spend the weekend at the family’s lakeside cabin is all takes to make Dick’s wild, sensual fantasy come true: to have as many willing, hot men as he could possibly service! He and Roy go to the cabin with Roy’s equally-hot friends, Chad and Jason. The action begins right on the very first day, when Dick samples the three men. Later, he wakes up to the gifted mouth of an unannounced arrival… none other than the older Mr. Jordan himself! As soon as Mr. Jordan leaves, the lake security guard, Officer Adam, drops by to check on things and also to ‘check out’ Dick. And it doesn’t take long before Conner, an outdoorsman who hasn’t found any luck fishing, also tries his chances with Dick. The list of men who use him lengthens even more with the addition of security guards Jeff and Carl. It looks like Dick is going to be spending more time in bed than in the water! *For mature audiences only. SAMPLE: He rubbed his wet cock up and down my ass crack until he located my opening. He eased his cock head into my anus. He paused as it slowly eased directly into my body. Gawd it was big, but I wanted it. Just then he shoved it to the hilt. I felt his balls rest against my ass. I had him all the way in. I looked towards the open bedroom door and Roy was standing there jacking off again. He gave us a thumbs up. You feel good in me, Jason. After I get used to your cock, you can plow me as hard as you want. I like rough manly sex. Fuck me, Jason. Just fuck me good and shoot your hot cum in my ass. Fuck yeah. I’m glad you like it because I can fuck for a long time and can cum two or three times without pulling out. You sure you’re ready for a hard fucking?