Against The Code - Black Erotica Shala Breece Author

Against The Code - Black Erotica Shala Breece Author
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Against The Code is a Black Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Growing up in Beverly Hills has not been easy for the wealthy heiress Mona Chaplan. She is expected to live up to the high standards that her parents have imposed. She was the daughter of one of Beverly Hills most prominent African-American couples. Physically speaking Mona Chaplan was a very attractive woman of her mid-twenties, she had beautiful brown curly hair, sparkling grey eyes and smile that could charm even a beast. She is feisty by nature and is a free spirited individual who refuses to conform to the somewhat absurd codes that the wealthy follow. When by chance she meets falls in love with a rugged looking, taxi driver, she is forced to choose between the destiny that her parents had planned for her, or the love of her life. With a baby on the way, Mona Chaplan is going against all the codes, that her parents have tried so hard to enforce.Excerpt“I’m a very busy woman, and I need a reliable chauffer that I can count on,” she said to him. Hearing her say that was like hearing her say, “I’m a wealthy whore who parties all night, and I need to have a driver to pick me up when I get drunk and wasted at my parties.” As they left the garage, he thought to himself that Charles must have been crazy to think that he would ever be able to work for this girl. Based on what his uncle had told him, Jamal had pictured that she would be an older more mature-looking woman who was different from the rest of the crazy wealthy arrogant people from this neighborhood, but she was no different. In fact he was disappointed to see that she looked like she was barely in her twenties and she seemed like a party animal. She told him that they had to go shopping later in the morning; she had this charity event to attend, and she needed to buy an outfit, and then in the afternoon he had to drop her off to work and then come pick her up in the night.

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