Ahmed's Angel - Men's Erotica/Contemporary Erotica Chara Gladey Author

Ahmed's Angel - Men's Erotica/Contemporary Erotica Chara Gladey Author
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Ahmed’s Angel is a Men’s Erotica/Contemporary Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Ahmed is a student from Iraq studying English in America. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had much of a chance to have fun or learn any sexual skills. His uncle wired him money for his birthday so he buys an old Cadillac. He hopes that this classic American car will be the best way to celebrate his birthday in America. In keeping with the tradition of the American road trip, he takes for its first drive on Skyline Drive on the Blue Ridge Mountain in Wild West Virginia. The adventures take a turn for the fun when he picks up a frisky, eager hitchhiker. She is ready, willing and able to take him on the ride of his life as she introduces him to new words and phrases and a whole lot of new, sexy fun. Ahmed thinks the beautiful blond is an angel, and she does everything she can to show him her side of heaven.Excerpt“Welcome to Wild West Virginia,” the road sign says.“Thank you,” says Ahmed out loud to himself in the car. “I am indeed happy to be here.”The road ahead is empty. The Skyline Drive of his map is taking him and his American beauty up and up into the Blue Ridge Mountains, ablaze with incredible autumnal colors of the forest trees. A perfect present for his birthday today.It’s November and “fall” as he has learned well in his English class. Brilliant gold copper leaves are carpeting both sides of the highway, and he swerves his swanky old Cadillac here and there to send the leaves into the air, scattering upward, then tumbling back beautifully once again.Yes, HIS car.Allah be thanked for his uncle. Rich with his petrol money, that man whom Ahmed loves, and to whom Ahmed is a favorite nephew, has simply wired money into his account as a surprise birthday present last week.Ahmed was off in a flash down the road to the used-car yard where, on his daily walk to school, he has admired the silver-and-blue old Cadillac that looks like a flat spaceship has landed there by mistake and has been captured.What a machine. What a birthday present.Ahead it’s getting dark and some early stars are already twinkling through the canopy of golden leaves.There is a figure on the road, hitchhiking.

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