Anal Sex Erotica Stories Debbie Brownstone Author

Anal Sex Erotica Stories Debbie Brownstone Author
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Five Hardcore Rough Anal Sex Erotica StoriesWhen it comes to backdoor sex bliss, there’s no writer exploring anal sex more thoroughly or more effectively than Debbie Brownstone, and the results are scorching hot! In this collection of hardcore anal sex erotica stories, there’s boss sex, teacher student sex, public sex, and double team sex. Because it’s Debbie, you know it will be explicit, hot, and have a whole lot of very rough anal sex!1. SLEEPING MY HUSBAND’S WAY TO THE TOP: Bent Over By My Husband’s BossBess’s husband has been worried about his job, and Bess takes the opportunity to try to put a good word in for him, but Mr. Michaels isn’t looking for words. Bess’s flirting at the company barbecue worked very well for one thing: this slut wife is about to be bent over and taken to make sure that her husband got the promotion that he needs, and it doesn’t matter to Michaels if it’s reluctant sex or if she’s a willing participant. Sometimes, husbands succeed because they have wives who understand the key is sex with their husband’s boss!2. BENT OVER IN AN ALLEYWAY BY A STRANGER (A First Anal Sex Experience with a Stranger erotica story)Lindy is a cute college girl living on her own. She likes the excitement of the city, as well as the danger. In fact, she loves the thought of what a stranger might do to her. She’s about to find out when she walks past a dark alley late at night. That’s because in this alleyway, she will find herself bent over for her first anal sex experience, and this rough and reluctant anal fuck will come at the hands of a complete stranger!3. KATARINA’S FIRST DOUBLE TEAM SEX ENCOUNTER (A Hot Wife Share Double Team erotica story)Will has always wondered at Jake’s remarkable persistence. For his friend, every no is just a yes that will come later. And it’s worked for Jake. He has a beautiful mansion and an incredible wife. Jake likes to share his good fortune, too. Within moments of arriving, Jake tells Will, “Bang my hot wife.” Katarina is excited by the prospect, too, and it doesn’t take long before she’s taking two guys at the same time!4. STUDENT GIVES HIS HOT TEACHER HER FIRST ANAL SEX EXPERIENCEVincent isn’t a good student, but he’s eighteen and hot. Monica attempts to correct him for his poor work, but he’s having none of it. He’s seen how she looks at him, and if he can’t get an A from her, he’s at least going to get some anal sex from her.5. JESSICA GOES CLUBBING & GETS HER BUTT STUFFED IN THE BACK OF A VAN (Episode Three) (Jessica’s Back Door)Debbie Brownstone’s anal queen Jessica is back in this red-hot short. This time, Jessica heads to a club with her friend Paula, but she doesn’t stay inside for long. There’s a man who’s interested. He has a van. He has a penis. That’s all Jessica needs to make sure her ass gets the pounding she wants.Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of various rough anal sex encounters. It includes reluctant anal sex, rough anal sex, forced deep throat, wife share anal sex, oral sex, anal sex between a female teacher and male student, sex with a stranger, wife sharing, first anal sex, backdoor sex, double team anal sex, double penetration and forced semen swallowing. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting adults.Get this great collection of anal sex erotica stories today!

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