Angels : Celestial Spirits in Legend and Art by Jacqueline Carey

Angels : Celestial Spirits in Legend and Art by Jacqueline Carey
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Angels examines the diverse roles of the divine emissaries of the angelic hierarchy as they exert their influence over every sphere of existence, from the vaults of heaven to the pits of hell. From the eternal war between good and evil to divine assistance in a fishing excursion, this volume details angelic literature and folk tradition, providing a historical, multicultural context in which to consider the notion of angels.

Over the centuries, great artists from many lands and times have vividly dramatized angelic presence and intervention. A sampling of those represented here include:
– Raphael and Gianlorenzo Bernini
– Caravaggio and Andrea del Sarto
– Hans Memling and Roger van der Weyden
– Gustave Dore and William Hogarth
– William Blake and Edmund Burne-Jones

This beautiful volume is enhanced by full-color reproductions featuring depictions of these celestial intermediaries, presenting some of the most stunning examples of angelic appearances in fine art. Just in time for the new millennium, Angels brings to life in text and image an enlightening account of these beautiful symbols of faith and hope.