Another Wager (High Stakes Erotica, #2) I. M. Telling Author

Another Wager (High Stakes Erotica, #2) I. M. Telling Author
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Another Wager is the second tale in the High Stakes Erotica Series. Jack and Chloe are ready for their next challenge. This time, it will be Jack that is out on the prowl. Another wager is placed between the hot young married couple for the same high stakes as the first wager. However, unlike their first bet, both Jack and Chloe are confident in the outcome. Chloe’s wild night out had started something; both Jack and Chloe were ready for what comes next. However, there will be surprises in store for them both as they realize that Chloe has appetites neither expected. Approximately 35 pages in length. Content Warning: The story contains detailed descriptions of a ménage sex encounter with FMF, oral sex, penetration and a first bi-sexual encounter. It is intended for mature readers 18 years and older who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts. All books of the High Stakes Erotica Series. 1. The Wager 2. Another Wager 3. Raising the Stakes 4. Laying Odds 5. Black Jack 6. All In 7. Full House 8. Hit Me

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