Any Boy Can Volume 2 John Patrick Editor

Any Boy Can Volume 2 John Patrick Editor
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
Brand: STARbooks Press
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Self confidence is an aphrodisiac. STARbooks Press is proud to re-release a John Patrick Classic - ANY BOY CAN - VOLUME 2. From the master of gay erotica comes this second volume in a hot collection of stories about boys who are easily taken, easily had and easily yours. So many are out there, we had to give you two volumes. Climb into bed with your wildest fantasies and dream your wildest dreams. When you wake up, you will face the world confident in the knowledge that ANY BOY CAN. Featuring the most prolific and talented writers of erotica, ANY BOY CAN, VOLUME 2, continues the steamy tradition of presenting the best in the field from STARbooks Press. A must have in your John Patrick collection from STARbooks Press.