April's Showers, Watersports Erotica Katie Elle Author

April's Showers, Watersports Erotica Katie Elle Author
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April has a secret little kink. She likes to hold her pee. Sometimes she just enjoys the feeling in private and other times she puts herself in situations where she’s squirming in desperation or dancing from leg to leg, fighting not to wet her pants in public. It’s always been her little secret until a mysterious stranger notices and wants to join in the fun. Should she keep her pee games private or agree to bring him into her secret life? And there’s a catch, he doesn’t just want to join in or watch, but to take over when she can and can’t go and see how far he can push her desperation. This 11,000 word erotic romance short story contains explicit sexual content including scenes of desperation, watersports, pee play, and light domination/submission.

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