Astral Erotica Amneris Mulabecirovic Author

Astral Erotica Amneris Mulabecirovic Author
Categories: Books, Erotica
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Astral Erotica has emerged from the quest of a truth seeker. It has been preceded by a cascade of events that led, in synchronistic manner, to a deep emotional state and insight. The suffering of the ego gave birth to an inspiration in which the destruction of preconstructed notions triggered an illusion to peel off, revealing the core. This book serves as a reminder of the hidden treasure that each of us harbors within, the glimpse of a new dimension where we stand bold and naked, holding one another’s space, creating the possibility for the birth of a new human kind. It has been written mostly in the form of rhyme, as its playful nature reminds us of innocence and the simplicity of life. This is an invitation for a journey into the unknown, where true nature unveils itself. Bon voyage!

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