AV Erotica Francisco Antonio Seguin Author

AV Erotica Francisco Antonio Seguin Author
Categories: Books, Erotica
Brand: Seguin Entertainment Enterprise Publishing
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‘This is it. This is the one that’s gonna’ prove everything we’ve ever set out to achieve. Yet somehow there never was a plan, just an idea. Somehow it’s always been about the moment; whether madness or not involved, it’s always been just about knowing this is the only way it can be done.’ When a small group of kamikaze filmmakers with a beef against the System, place their lives on the line to capture a world out of balance; the scream of their generation will rip through the highways in one last high-speed assault on the senses, destined to ignite the masses and send society into meltdown at over 150 miles per hour. AV Erotica - when the only meaning left is the one that costs you EVERYTHING, the world must be forced to SEE. Do you dare watch?

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