Back Off Boys! Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Shorts Kaddy DeLora Author

Back Off Boys! Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Shorts Kaddy DeLora Author
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There’s something sweet about a straight woman’s first experience with lesbian sex. This red hot collection of five erotica shorts has first lesbian experiences of all types. There’s office sex, public sex, a steamy threesome, and more! Fire up the kindle and be prepared for heat!1. My Tongue in Miss Taylor: A First Lesbian Experience Office Sex Short by Kaddy DeLoraGetting the internship was a stroke of good fortune, but right away she notices that the male intern is receiving better assignments, more attention, more help, and more opportunity. She lets it go for a while but finally seeks out the hotshot Miss Taylor, a high finance corporate law dynamo to get some help. Miss Taylor’s ready to give her something, but it isn’t help! Instead, it’s office sex for our heroine, her very first lesbian sex experience!2. Sweet and Spicy Summer: My First Lesbian Experience by Alice DrakeJune is recovering from a divorce that’s made her realize her marriage wasn’t just unhappy but that she’s never really lived. When a chance encounter with the beautiful Kathryn fills her with thoughts and desires she’s never had before, it’s a thrilling and captivating time. The summer’s suddenly become scorching as June explores herself, and Kathryn, and discovers that life can indeed still be sweet in the midst of her very first lesbian sex experience.3. Renee at the Laundramat: A First Lesbian Sex Encounter Erotica Story by Cassie HacthawRenee is a bit of a prude, at least that’s how she describes herself. She’s slept with one man, twice, and that was during the summer between high school and college three years ago. There’s been nothing since, and she hasn’t really been interested. When she does her laundry late one Tuesday evening, though, she meets the alluring and beautiful Gwen, and all of that flies out the window! Before long, she’s right in the middle of her first ever lesbian sex experience, and this one’s a doozy complete with oral sex, face sitting, and a sex toy double penetration!4. Experiencing Emily: A Teacher/Student First Lesbian Sex Short by Susan FletcherProfessor Natalie is tired of the Harvard politics bullshit. In fact, she’s downright bitter, and she’s not above causing a bit of mayhem; in this case smoking and setting off the sprinklers and the fire alarm. Unfortunately for her, one of her students catchers her. Fortunately for Natalie, though, Emily is very curious and very attracted to the professor, so instead of trouble, she gets to lead the beautiful college girl right down the path to her very first lesbian sex encounter.5. Hillary and Harriet Having Me: My First Lesbian Experience (An FFF Threesome with Twins) by Fran DiazIt’s not easy when you’re stuck babysitting foreign exchange students, and when the students are beautiful and perfect and somewhat snobbish, it’s even harder! Still, the beautiful college girls have their good points. In this case, all their good points are demonstrated when they give Kyla her very first lesbian sex experience in a red hot all girl threesome!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of various first lesbian sex encounters. It includes oral sex, first lesbian sex, anal sex, sixty-nine, rough sex, teacher/student sex, mild domination, face sitting, sex toys, public sex, double penetration, stranger sex, lesbian seduction, and mutual masturbation. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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