Bad Boys Short Erotica Bundle (Surfers, Bikers, and Pool Boys / Smutty Short Stories) Leslie Hunter Author

Bad Boys Short Erotica Bundle (Surfers, Bikers, and Pool Boys / Smutty Short Stories) Leslie Hunter Author
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Genre: Short Explicit Erotica Anthology Whether it’s a tourist lost with two Hawaiians, a hitchhiker in the desert with an angry biker, or a movie star and her dark and muscled pool boy, all three of these women will discover the pleasures of hot and sweaty sex with strong alpha bad boys.This 26,600+ erotica bundle set includes three stand alone stories: Taken By Two Lovers, Taken By The Biker, and Taken By The Pool Boy.Taken By Two Lovers Hawaii is great for three things: sun, surf, and especially sex. It’s a never-ending erotic buffet of men from all around the world ready to delight and pleasure any woman who comes their way. Traci’s no stranger to sexual adventures, but will two muscled and bronzed Hawaiian surfers–with no love for outsiders–be too much for even her to handle?Taken By The Biker You know what was a bad idea? Going to one of the toughest Mexican biker bars in Texas and accidentally destroying several motorcycles at once. Now the muscled patrons of the bar are pissed, and Miss Innocent is stranded in the middle of nowhere.She might be a good girl, but that doesn’t mean she gets to avoid working off her debt as their newest waitress, exotic dancer… and maybe just a little bit more.Taken By The Pool Boy Jessica - the newest action movie star and America’s sweetheart has everything she thought she wanted: Fame, fortune, and a mansion in Beverly Hills.But her life still isn’t satisfying.After a confrontation with her Mexican pool boy turns rough and tumble, she’ll get what she’s been needing. He lets himself in through the backdoor and makes her taste what a dirty girl she really is.Does this actress have the talent to handle the hardest part of her career?

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