Bending Over For The Boss Paul Ramirez Author

Bending Over For The Boss Paul Ramirez Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
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As sexy as his boss Ethan is, Pete is determined to quit his job and kickstart a new career. When he goes to hand in his notice, Ethan suddenly reveals that there’s a new opening within the company that is ideal for him. All Pete has to do is show Ethan how much he appreciates this kind gesture. Torn between a desire to leave and a desire for Ethan, what will Pete choose to do? WARNING: Bending Over For The Boss is a 5,200+ word gay erotica hardcore short story intended for adults only. It features graphic sex scenes that may be offensive to some readers. EXCERPT: Ethan smiled. “I’m sure a bright, pretty thing like you will be able to think of a good reward.” His eyes lit up as he said the word reward. Although he wasn’t saying it and neither was I, we both knew that sex was on the table here. My mind was racing just as fast as my heart, amazed that for all my fantasizing and dreaming about Ethan, it hadn’t been as hopeless as I’d made myself believe it was. But still, I had to say it. Just in case I was getting the wrong end of the stick. The finger-kissing made it unlikely, but I wanted to be sure. “Excuse me, sir, but aren’t you married?”