Best American Erotica 1994 Susie Bright Author

Best American Erotica 1994 Susie Bright Author
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The publication of The Best American Erotica 1993 was cause for great celebration and critical praise. It was an immediate sensation and a national bestseller. Now comes The Best American Erotica 1994! This edition features twenty short stories and excerpts, including a mixture of well-known erotica celebs, among them the late John Preston, Pat Califia, and Carol Queen, while also introducing newcomers such as Mark Butler and Abigail Thomas. The Best American Erotica 1994 is a wonderful collection for all lovers of first-rate erotic literature. Contributors Marianna Beck Bernadette Lynn Bosky Mark Butler Pat Califia M. Christian Leslie Feinberg Sigfried Gold Linda Hooper Michael Lowenthal Debra Martens J. Maynard Chris Offutt Gerry Pearlberg Bart Plantenga John Preston Carol Queen Donald Rawley Abigail Thomas Anne Tourney Danielle Willis

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