Best of Asian Erotica: Vol 2 John Burdett Author

Best of Asian Erotica: Vol 2 John Burdett Author
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The sixteen seductive sex stories in this steamy second volume of literary erotica from Asia are certain to entertain and arouse. Absolutely nothing is out of bounds, offering readers a glimpse into the erotic lives of Asia’s inhabitants. Well-known authors John Burdett and Dawn Farnham are joined in this collection of short stories by Miss Izzy, Lee Yew Moon and Alaric Leong from Singapore, Suzanna Kusuma from Indonesia, Amir Muhammed from Malaysia and by other erotica writers based in the exotic East. The stories in Volume 2 of “Best of Asian Erotica” explore erotica from a variety of angles, but they all celebrate the sensual in the sure voice of first-rate writing. “Best of Asian Erotica” is Asia’s sexiest short-story series and is a welcome and rich addition to the growing list of erotic literature in this most erotic corner of the world. Contents: Good Morning, Bangkok by Andrew Penney; The Sex Thing with the Tempoyak by Amir Muhammed; Night Ride by Nigel Hogge; Clean Sex by Ricky Low; The Service Provider by John Burdett; Breaking Glass by Dawn Farnham; Club Koyaanisquatsi by Miss Izzy; Painin by Brenton Rossow; Big Love by Chris Mooney Singh; Aphrodite by Suzanna Kusuma; The Phoenix Tattoos by Richard Lord; Mirrors by Christopher Taylor; The Politician by Amirul B Ruslan; Femme Fatale by O Thiam Chin; Celibation by Lee Yew Moon; and I, Teiresius by Alaric Leong. (All the stories in this book have previously been published in print in “Best of Southeast Asian Erotica” or “Best of Singapore Erotica”.)

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