Best of British (English Erotica) Illicit Kisses Author

Best of British (English Erotica) Illicit Kisses Author
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Three sexy British erotica stories … These three explicit English erotica stories will send you wild with desire. From a husband and wife going dogging for the first time, to a special academy where cute girls learn oral sex techniques, to a sexy Chav Milf who takes on a group of scallies, this collection totals over 14,000 words! EXCERPT: This is it, Helen thought, reaching out for the small button on the dashboard. She pressed it with one of her long, shiny red nails and the electric window slid down, the motor of the mechanism purring quietly. Helen gasped as the cold night air rushed into the car, and she felt her nipples grow immediately hard. And then a man’s torso pushed forward from the darkness. It could be anyone, she thought. All Helen could see of the stranger was the bottom of his black zipped up jacket and the crotch of his dark blue jeans, which he quickly began unbuckling. And then out flopped a long, brown, semi-erect cock. When Helen gasped, her breath came out as steam and she looked back over her shoulder at her husband Frank, unsure if she could really go through with it … Warning: This story bundle contains extremely explicit sexual descriptions and is intended only for broadminded adults. If in doubt, do not buy. You have been warned!

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