Big Holiday Packages Eric Summers Author

Big Holiday Packages Eric Summers Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
Brand: STARbooks Press
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What Will Santa Leave in Your Stocking?Do you have a Santa fetish? Do you fantasize about Maccabees? Do you get aroused when you see a big candy cane? Nice things come in little packages, but even nicer things come in big packages! This is why STARbooks Press is proud to present their second Holiday-themed anthology, BIG HOLIDAY PACKAGES, edited by ERIC SUMMERS. A bearded bear in a red velvet suit sliding down your chimney is just what you need this holiday season. Why settle for one day, when a nice Jewish boy will give you eight erotic presents right after sundown every night? Or, a horny elf may carve you a nice toy to put in the warmest of places this time of year. The weather outside may be frightful, but getting filled with eggnog can be so much more delightful, so open wide and be ready to take a big gulp because in true STARbooks Press style, we present stories by the hottest authors in gay erotica and throw in some new surprises as well!So, if you need a way to stay warm, add BIG HOLIDAY PACKAGES, edited by ERIC SUMMERS to your erotica collection.