Billionaire Boy Toy: Gay Erotica Jamie Jade Author

Billionaire Boy Toy: Gay Erotica Jamie Jade Author
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Nate’s truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A mysterious white limo pulls up behind him: It’s the reclusive billionaire Mr. Griffin. He offers Nate a ride – the only stipulation? That Nate lets Mr. Griffin shave his pubic hair. How far would you go for a free ride?Excerpt:Steam fills up the bathroom. There’s no question this is the nicest bathroom I’ve been in. Marble makes up the counter tops, a triple sink with stainless steel faucets. A fireplace takes up the corner of the bathroom. There’s two shower heads in the shower, one for each side of your body.I let the hot water rinse the sweat off my body.Mr. Griffin leans against the counter-top, watching.I squirt some soap into my hand, then lather it over my muscles.“Spend extra time on your cock,” Mr. Griffin says. “Make sure the hair is moist and easy to shave off.”I plant my hands on my dick, rub soap over the shaft, over the head. It feels good — good enough that I’m slowly starting to get hard. I remove my hands from my dick — no need to show him that I’m enjoying this, who knows how far he’ll try and take it?The shower head is removable for easy access.Mr. Griffin reaches his hand inside his robe. “Bend over and wash your ass with it.”The water jets from the shower head. I bend over, letting it first run down my lower back. Then, with Mr. Griffin watching, I spray the hot water directly onto my asshole. If you don’t tell anyone, I’ll tell you a secret — it actually feels kind of good — good enough that I get even harder, almost fully erect at this point.“Let’s shave you.”Warning: This is a 4000 word short story containing hot adult content.