Bitter as a Captain Kendra Moreno Author

Bitter as a Captain Kendra Moreno Author
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SLEEPING BEASTS TELL NO TALES. . .Belladonna has always cared more for beasts and creatures than people. How could she not when she sees the cruelties of humanity every day while working? She’s plenty ready to take on the poachers who dare enter Yellowstone, but nothing could prepare her for a portal opening and dropping her into another world. The Grimm Forest is full of dangers but perhaps none are as threatening as the man who finds her. Gruff in demeanor and prone to fury more than any other emotion, Captain Bluebeard is a beast of a man. With a curse upon him and too many worlds trying to merge together, Bell doesn’t know how to handle it all. Her growing attraction is a nuisance, for sure, but the hidden room in Bluebeard’s castle might destroy everything.Villains are breaking free and fighting for power. Snow White and her seven demons are leaving destruction in their wake. Bell knows the Captain can help the worlds if he’d just try, but the curse weighs heavy on the bitter man. Falling for Bluebeard would doom her, but refusing to see his light might doom the universe. After all, some things run too deep to be forgotten. . .If you like Sarah J Maas, Gena Showalter, J.R. Ward, Laura Thalassa, or Jennifer L. Armentrout, you won’t be able to put down this highly addictive twisted fairy tale.Reading Order:The Sons of WonderlandMad as a Hatter Late as a Rabbit Feral as a Cat Cruel as a Queen The Daughters of NeverlandVicious as a Darling Fierce as a Tiger LilyWicked as a Pixie Monstrous as a Croc The Heirs of OzHeartless as a Tin Man Empty as a Scarecrow Cowardly as a Lion Vengeful as a Beauty The Lords of GrimmCunning as a TricksterBitter as a CaptainTwisted as a Princess