Black Erotica Is. Loving Black Isis Jones Author

Black Erotica Is. Loving Black Isis Jones Author
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As time passed, the days of sensuality and eroticism seems to have drifted into just a distant whisper. The raw passion commonplace between the sheets slid silently into the shadows, while our TV screens, stereos, and bookshelves filled to bursting with material and sexual conquest. Romance faded in the wake of brokenhearted melodies sung desperately over the airwaves into the ears and hearts of those who have yet to give up . . . But wait, it’s not over. The beautiful black woman hasn’t sung yet. Instead, she’s written a book! Loving Black stirs up heated emotions with thirty-five sensual, erotic stories reuniting and reintroducing passion, eroticism, and sensuality from the unique black perspective. On the surface, Loving Black may seem to be just another collection of erotic stories, but in depth, it is true to its name. It dares to invite readers to experience black love; each story is carefully written across a spectrum of mutual, healthy, sexual expression with which all points at either end and in between have one commonality: giving. Black Erotica Is . . . Loving Black makes love to your senses with thirty-five titillating erotic stories-from a couple’s sizzling vacation in Rio to a daring Florida night club that takes exhibitionism to thrilling new levels. Its eclectic mix of seductive tempos range from slow and alluring to fast and tempestuous, always threatening to take your senses a step farther. Every thought on its pages challenges you to embrace a new understanding of passion, sensuality, and giving. And with this new understanding comes delightful exploration within your own relationships.

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