Blackmail Erotica Bundle Sexxi Lexxi Author

Blackmail Erotica Bundle Sexxi Lexxi Author
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Enjoy 5 kinky, previously-published blackmail erotica stories at discount price.Teacher’s Pet - Teacher’s Pet in a carnal tale of blackmail and domination. Alexa Swan thinks she is doing the right thing when she asks her uncle—her Economics professor—to treat her like a normal student. But she quickly discovers her uncle in a ruthless, domineering man. In order to maintain her “A” average, she will need to do things she never thought she could. She will need to become the teacher’s pet.The Audition - The Audition is a carnal tale of seduction, blackmail and BDSM. Aspiring actress Sandra James has no clue what she’s in for when she auditions for the role of a lifetime. Guaranteed the part by a handsome casting director, she naively accepts an invitation to a secondary audition. Sandra soon discovers it is merely a guise for something far more perverse.The Babysitter - The Babysitter is a carnal tale of taboo and blackmail. A young woman’s carefully planned existence takes an unexpected turn when the man for whom she is babysitting—a longtime friend of the family—discovers she is dating her cousin. Trapped between a rock and a hard place, she has no choice but to give in to the man’s blackmail. The deal is simple: Sex for secrecy.The Deal - The Deal is a carnal tale of seduction and blackmail. Kara’s perfect life comes crashing down around her when her mother falls deathly ill. Forced to quit college to pay the medical bills, she ends up alone and depressed in a bar. There she meets a handsome stranger who offers to pay for her mother’s expensive surgery. But what will the young woman be forced to do in exchange for such generosity?The Plaything - The Plaything is a carnal tale of blackmail and domination. When Alexandra Frost lands a job working for the mayor of New Work City, she thinks life will be a breeze. But she quickly discovers Mayor Black is a domineering boss who tolerates nothing short of perfection. When a silly mistake threatens her continued employment, Alexandra is forced to go to unthinkable lengths just to keep her job.

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