Bloody Kisses: A Vampire Erotica Anthology Dark Moon Press Author

Bloody Kisses: A Vampire Erotica Anthology Dark Moon Press Author
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It is with great pleasure I bring you Bloody Kisses II! The first installment of this series was published when the company was only a couple years in existence, yet the vampire erotica requests and submission trickled in over time enough for me to publish a sequel. I think that sexuality and vampires go together more than any other type of scary story, and there is much more to it than just the power of the intensity in vampires passions. I think it also has to do with our adrenaline rush out of fear, combined with our own primal responses merging with the surge of blood flow. I have written much on the very subject in my own non-fictional book, Allure of the Vampire: Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead back in 2007. Men, and women, attracted to either the opposite sex or any other combination of coupling for that matter has long been a part of vampires and erotica. Dating back long before celluloid motion pictures, poetry of Europe was quite titillating, an the book Carmilla by J. Sheridan LeFanu was perhaps the oldest lesbian vampire tale ever. Poppy Z. Brite, in her collection Love in Vein, and many others now bring the style of writing into our day and age. Fans of vampires will never tire of their ravenous appetites for we mere mortals, and I for one am happy to know that. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did while putting it together! From the Introduction by Corvis Nocturnum Vampire erotica from authors like Veronica Kegel-Giglio, Paul McFall, P.J. Craft, Scarlet Norton-Duperre, GreenWillow , Gena Mantz, Angel Edenburn and the French work by the author ATANAS

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