Blowing His Roommate 1 Lisa Love Author

Blowing His Roommate 1 Lisa Love Author
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A First Time Gay Erotica—————From hand to mouth from his straight best friendBen has always desired Kyle, even if he knows he’s straight. But when Ben gets injured, Kyle offers him much more than just a helping hand. Has Ben been wrong about Kyle all the time? Or has his friend suddenly turned from straight to gay?—————“Blowing His Roommate 1” is a steamy hot First Time Gay Erotica.Note: This book is the first book in a series, and it ends with a cliffhanger.Themes: Gay male, Straight to Gay, Brother’s best friend, Roommate, Alpha males, Unrequited love, Short story, Happily ever after—————Excerpt:Kyle laughed and pointed to the toaster. “You want another one?”“Yes, thanks.” Ben sighed as he walked to the coffee machine to pour himself a cup. Just as he turned around, Kyle reached sideways for the bread, and they crashed into each other.“Oops, sorry,” Ben said before he winced as the warm coffee ran down his thigh.“Shit,” Kyle said. “I’m sorry, man. You need to put some cold water on that.”“No, I’m fine,” Ben blurted.“And who’s the medic around here? Come along.” Kyle grabbed his arm and pulled him with him to the bathroom. “Pull down your pants,” Kyle commanded.Ben knew he was dreaming. Kyle had said the exact words in Ben’s favourite fantasy, but the setting was all wrong. This was only Kyle treating him like one of his patients.“No way,” Ben said.“Oh come on, you’ll have a permanent mark,” Kyle said and opened Ben’s pants.Ben froze. “What are you doing?” he asked in a throaty voice.“I’ve seen a naked guy before.”“Have you?” Ben gulped.“Yes, every morning in the mirror.” Kyle grinned.