Blown Away Box Set (Oral Erotica Bundle) Ann Wilcox Editor

Blown Away Box Set (Oral Erotica Bundle) Ann Wilcox Editor
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Sucking, licking, deep throating, it’s all here. You find blowjobs galore in these three stories:Glory Glory (Bukkake Swallowing Erotic Adventure) by Jackie CummingsThe real purpose of those boxes was to house women. Their only purpose? Eat the hot jizz of any man that shoved his dick through the holes in the box.Glory is the best at what she does, working the glory holes at a local sex club. She’s good because she enjoys it and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make men give up their load.WARNING: This book is nasty. Don’t read if you don’t like sperm, cum, jizz or splooge covering every inch of a very willing woman’s body. Adults 18+ only!EXCERPT:Glory squatted in her box and rubbed her pussy mercilessly just thinking about it. She couldn’t wait. She grabbed some oil that was sitting in the corner and squirted it all over her hands, between her big tits and down on her pussy. She rubbed her clit, rolling it around as she looked out the hole. She could see some of the guys were already hard, adjusting themselves as they thought about her sucking their hard cocks, jacking them off with everything she had to get their cum all over her as quickly as possible.Being the Bull (Cuckold Erotica Romance) by Victoria MarcumYou’d better stop. My husband is right over there, he’s going to know.Based on actual events. John is a lonely bachelor that hasn’t had womanly contact in a while. What starts off as a search for a little tail on Craigslist turns into something much more elaborate and a whole lot hotter. A husband and wife get him to join in their little humiliation game and John ends up being much more than they could have ever hoped.WARNING: This erotica story contains graphic language, a muscular dom, a humiliated cuckold, a sexy and humiliating wife, oral sex, hard ramming and an ending that you’ll have to read to believe. Intended for 18+ MATURE AUDIENCES only.EXCERPT:She squirmed her way up and stood, slipping my fingers out of her. She turned to me and dropped the blouse to the floor. She started to come toward me again and I put up my hand and pointed at her. Skirt, is all I said.What about it? she asked me.Lose it.Bad Little Girl (BDSM Principal Spanking Erotic Romance) by Victoria MarcumThat’s a very naughty girl.Jessica is a corporate professional that’s always trying to keep the peace between her co-workers. But what Jessica really wants is to be the bad little girl, and be disciplined by The Principal. She finally finds her dream man who, with his trust ruler, is finally able to give her the punishment she deserves…and so badly wants. WARNING: This erotica story contains a naughty, submissive woman, her disciplining principal, a thick, blue ruler, kinbaku ropes and bondage, a hot fingering and blowjob followed by a tied down fucking. Intended for 18+ readers ONLY. EXCERPT: When I turned my head, I could see the full length mirror and it was positioned exactly for me to see The Principal behind me. He stood over my bare ass with a thick, blue ruler in his hand. I smiled, but quickly tried to keep him from seeing it. He stood next to me and touched the cold ruler to my buttocks. This will hurt me more than it hurts you, Jessica. In the mirror, he wound up his arm high and came down hard on me with a loud, Smack! I jumped on the bed, squeezing the sheets in my fists.

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