Body Rocking Tonight - College Contemporary Erotica Sage Yarber Author

Body Rocking Tonight - College Contemporary Erotica Sage Yarber Author
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Body Rocking Tonight is a College Contemporary Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Jackie is the typical college freshman enjoying a hot, fun night out at a club. Her eager prettiness causes the bartenders overlook her underage status and serve her drinks all night long. When she is good and tipsy, she finds herself dancing with Andre. She is immediately attracted to his confidence and good looks. She is pleasantly surprised to find that he is equally attracted to her. He even discourages other hopefuls from approaching her. After her friends leave for the evening, she decides to take a chance and accompany Andre home. His lustful and welcome advances quickly sober her up as they rock together all night long. Andre discovers that although she is young, she knows her way around the bedroom, and the couch, and anywhere else they can find. Jackie finds that taking a chance on dancing with stranger was an educated risk that she would do again and again.ExcerptIf Jackie were a bird dancing above a fiery city, Andre was the handsome male bird equivalent doing a mating dance around her, ignoring the flames and the rest of the world, just reveling in the music and the lights with her. She had tried to talk to him, to shout over the music some basic things – where she was from, what year she was in – but the effort had proved futile and in the end, she had decided to just give in to her more primal desires and dance with him.

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