Bossed About Gay Erotica Bundle Paul Ramirez Author

Bossed About Gay Erotica Bundle Paul Ramirez Author
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When the boss asks you to do something, you do it. But what about when the boss has something a lot harder in mind than work? These three bosses like their employees to play hard… whether they like it or not. WARNING: Bossed About is a 15,800+ word collection of gay hardcore erotica short stories, intended for adult readers only. Themes feature BDSM, spanking and hot office sex between alpha male bosses and their charges! Beaten By My Gay Boss: When Mike stays behind late in the office to complete a big project, the last person he expects to be interrupted by is his fearsome boss, Lance. Lance is displeased to find Mike apparently relaxing and smoking in the office on a break, and decides it’s time to teach him a lesson he will never forget. Will Mike be able to submit completely to Lance’s desires, or will he fight back? Bending Over For The Boss: As sexy as his boss Ethan is, Pete is determined to quit his job and kickstart a new career. When he goes to hand in his notice, Ethan suddenly reveals that there’s a new opening within the company that is ideal for him. All Pete has to do is show Ethan how much he appreciates this kind gesture. Torn between a desire to leave and a desire for Ethan, what will Pete choose to do? Hopeless Desire: Tyler works hard - too hard. Studying and working all hours to make ends meet, he has no time for a boyfriend. At work, however, he’s growing more and more infatuated with his married boss, Frank, a married man with boundless passion for the job. Tyler’s fantasies about Frank are getting more vivid and uncontrollable… what can he possibly do? Is his desire really as hopeless as it seems?

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