Boys Will Be Boys (A Gay Erotica Bundle) Angelica Siren Author

Boys Will Be Boys (A Gay Erotica Bundle) Angelica Siren Author
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Finally, two of the best gay erotica writers on Amazon have joined forces to bring you the Boys Will Be Boys gay erotica bundle!Hugh Cox and Angelica Siren have worked together to bring you three of the best gay erotica short stories out there.The Man I Came For (Hugh Cox): When Jake falls on hard times he turns to a wealthy and mysterious man to help pay the bills. What follows is an erotic tale of power, wealth and seduction. When he arrives to strip and play with himself for this strange man’s pleasure, hoping to pay his bills - he discovers that he has a passion for making men cum! Man Milk Mania (Hugh Cox): Johnny has a problem - he just can’t get enough from one man. He is addicted to come. When his lover Jackson can’t please him, he seeks out some college boys for a night of fun that none of them will ever forget.One night proves to be less than Johnny needs, however. The only thing that will sate his enormous hunger is a group of strange men at a local gym. Johnny puts himself in a sticky situation and loves every minute of it. From Foxhole to Glory Hole (Angelica Siren): I had learned how to kill a man and now, finally, I had learned how to pleasure a man.When you come home from war it can be hard to find your purpose in life. For one experienced soldier, that purpose is discovered in a seedy dance club on one side of a glory hole. In no time at all, he is transformed from a dutiful veteran into a ravenous cocksucker. With each new visitor to the glory hole, our soldier boy becomes better and better at what he does. Rigorous training is all part of being a soldier, whether you’re fighting terrorists or draining the hot, wet cum from a man’s throbbing cock.Warning: This bundle contains riveting depictions of sexual situations only suitable for adults including graphic homosexual gay male on male sex! All characters are at least 18 years of age and all sex depicted is consensual.