Bunkmates and More (a bundle of gay erotica) Layla Lewis Author

Bunkmates and More (a bundle of gay erotica) Layla Lewis Author
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Note: It has recently come to the attention of the publisher that this bundle previously contained two copies of the story Hurry Down My Chimney and was missing the story Bunkmates. This has now been remedied, and the publisher sincerely apologizes for the error.In Bunkmates, Tom knew he should never have signed up for a men’s retreat. What business could a closeted sissy like him have in brotherly bonding rituals and secret initiation rites? Worse, his despised libido picks out a favorite man early on, and from that point forward, every casual brush of the older man’s hand sets Tom ablaze. Tormented by the nudity of communal showers, aching from the prohibition against masturbation, will Tom be able to come out before he drives himself crazy? And even if he does, what are the chances Chris could possibly feel for him in return?Then, in Tingles, when Tom came out as gay, he wasn’t expecting to find a lover so soon. But now that he’s got one, he wasn’t expecting either that the older man would turn out to be so kinky. Before Tom knows it, he’s handcuffed to a hotel bed, blindfolded and wearing a gag with an open ring through the center for oral penetration. Sure, the dominant man is supposed to stop if Tom only yells loudly, but still, Tom can hardly believe he’s abandoning control so easily. Yet his cock is only too eager to express its enthusiasm.As if being tied up and almost completely helpless weren’t enough, though, the older man loves to see Tom in pain, and has a particular penchant for electrical play. A tens unit comes out to shock Tom’s balls, and a violet wand etches patterns of agony into Tom’s cock. Chris gives him a full menu of tingly pain, complete with a side of nipple clamps and Wartenberg wheels. By the time the two finally reach a finish, Tom’s opinion on BDSM and Daddy/boy play has done a complete reversal. Though Tom and Chris never lose their romantic connection, still, the younger man has been turned into an absolute pain pig.Finally, in the fun holiday third part to this 16,9000-word gay erotica bundle, a new character, Rick, had reconciled himself to another night alone with Lonely Old Gay Man syndrome, though he’s only thirty-five. But even the fact that it’s Christmas means little to him–he’s cynical and sick of the holidays anyway–until the perfect present comes tumbling down the chimney. Rick never does learn the real name of Santa Claus, the hot, muscular young black man who shows up in his fireplace dressed in little more than a thong, some combat boots, and a Santa Claus coat.But what he does learn is so much more, as the younger man teaches Rick to let himself be loved, and even, if the circumstances call for it, to let himself be ordered around. Never has a moment sitting on Santa’s lap looked so enticing. But is this all for real, or will the beautiful young man find some way to break Rick’s sad and lonely heart at the end of the day?By purchasing these stories as a bundle, rather than individually, you save nearly 30% and reduce the hassle of buying short stories separately.