Captured by the Pirate Captain (Reluctant Gay Erotica) Sabine Winters Author

Captured by the Pirate Captain (Reluctant Gay Erotica) Sabine Winters Author
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When Sam’s ship is attacked by pirates, he finds himself held captive by their intensely handsome Captain. The captain intends to use him as a pleasure slave. With Sam’s choices taken away from him, will he embrace the lust he feels and let himself be conquered? This 4700-word story contains reluctant sex, explicit m/m sexual acts, and a young lord giving in to his secret desires. Adults only!—————An excerpt from CAPTURED BY THE PIRATE CAPTAIN:All the tales he’d heard filled his mind. Pirates taking women, or even men, from the ships they captured to be their own personal entertainment. Taking their pleasure from their captives whenever they wished, dragging them down into the depths of depravity.He should have been horrified by the thought. He was far more horrified to discover that he wasn’t, that all he felt was a strange, nervous anticipation, a clenching in his stomach that he didn’t want to admit was mild arousal.Surely he was only imagining things, though. There was no way -And then the captain reached out, his rough hand caressing Sam’s cheek, and Sam’s heart stopped.“I guess pampered lords are supposed to be handsome,” he said musingly, “but you are a charming thing, aren’t you? When I first saw you I thought maybe we could sell you, fetch a pretty penny for that face. But we’ll ransom you instead.” He smiled again, a fierce, pleased grin. “And that means I get to enjoy you until then.”